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Midweek Sales November 23

In two days we’ll all be surrounded by family members who are passed out in turkey comas (Or passed out drunk, depending on your family).  While us gamers are waiting for Uncle Larry to wake up and move his truck out of the driveway, we’ll have to find some way to amuse ourselves.  Fortunately there are a few digital distributors who are having sales before Back Friday, and we can stock up on games to keep us entertained  for the next few days. 

GamersGate.com is having a Thanksgiving Sale this week, with price breaks of up to 75% on an assortment of games.  Most of them are actually marked down by 50 or 60%, and there isn’t any clear best pick in the lot.  Two games which we like here at Player Affinity are part of the sale, so you might want to have a look at Torchlight, which is marked down to $9.99, or Zombie Driver is at $4.99.  I strongly suspect that we’ll see both of them marked down even more before the end of the week on some other digital distributor, though. 

ImpulseDriven.com is also continuing the Thanksgiving Sale they started last week, with a few dozen games marked down.  Several of the Command & Conquer game are cut by 50%, so anyone who’s been holding off on that Franchise should take a look.  I’d also recommend their deal on Resident Evil 5 which is marked down to $9.99, which is even cheaper than what we were seeing during all the Halloween sales.

 Lastly, Gamestop has a Deal of The Day which will get you 10% off of Assassin’s Creed II on any platform, including PC.  This is only good for Tuesday the 23rd.


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