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Midweek Sales November 9 20010

Did you finish playing all the games you bought during the big Halloween sale a week ago? And you just can’t wait for the inevitable Black Friday sales that will come at the end of the month as well?  Don’t worry, you can find a few nice deals on spies, soldiers, and adventure in today’s crop of online sales.

Gamestop.com generally doesn’t do much for PC Gamers, but today they are offering 10% off on Mafia II on any platform, this comes out to $35.99 for PC, or $44.99 if you buy it for a console. This deal is only for today, Tuesday.
Gamersgate.com is having a Spy Week.  Most of the games are budget Point-n-click adventures, but several Splinter Cell games are marked down to five dollars, including Splinter Cell: Double Agent.  If you want to risk one of the budget games, give a look at Mata Hari, which at least has a sexy lead character who spends much of the game running around in lingerie.

Direct2Drive.com has a special on Adventure games this week; you can get 15% off any adventure game if you enter the code “wildd2d” when you checkout.  This discount also applies to a bunch of games which aren’t really adventure, like action and horror games.  Best of all, it’ll work on a pre-order of Dragon Age II.
teampowered.com has put the WWII online shooter Day of Defeat Source on sale for $2.49.  That’s 75% off the regular price.


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