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Midweek Sales “The Cake Is A Lie” Edition

Did you know that Steam sells games that AREN'T Portal 2?  It's true, and as evidence, take a look at their Midweek Madness sale, which will let you buy a game that does not involves Aperture Science in any way.  From now through Thursday, you can buy Grotesque Tactics for five dollars, 75% off its usual price.  Assuming that you didn't blow the weekly game budget helping Chell take down GLaDOS again.

If you'll be kind enough to pause Portal 2 for a moment, I'd also like to tell you about [email protected] and their Daily Deal on Majicka, which can be yours today only, for five dollars.  They're also selling several casual games for two dollars each to honor Two Dollar Tuesdays; this time they are Cake Mania, Air Strike 2, and Obulis.

Wait!  Before you fire up Portal 2 again, listen to this:  Amazon.com has Starcraft II on sale for $39.99, and they're doing gold box deals on video games all day long.  The Gold Box item changes every few hours, so that should give you reason to a little break from Portal 2 every now and then, just so you can see what new game Amazon has on sale.

Hold on a second, I still have to tell you about the "Hidden Object" sale at GamersGate.com.  You can get half off the price for about a dozen casual Hidden Object puzzle games and... Oh, what's the use.  Go play Portal 2.  We'll just give that our BEAST DEAL OF THE DAY award.  It isn't on sale, but it's a bargain at any price.


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