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Midweek Sales Thursday March 31st

Something suspicious is going on over at the internet's biggest digital distributor.  Steam didn't have a midweek sale, and haven't announced announced their weekend sale yet.  I suspect that somewhere around midnight we can expect some sort of April Fool's shenanigans to kick in with a big sale over there.  No one else has launched April Fool sales yet, either, but I suspect we're in for a big weekend.

What's going today, though, is that 
GamersGate.com is still doing their Anniversary Sale with 175 games on sale up to 75% off.  GamesForWindows.com has their weekly sale up now, this week it's Football Manager 2011 for $19.99.   Direct2Drive.com is continuing their 15% sale on several hot new games if you enter the code "Marchmadness" at checkout.

As with every Thursday, ImpulseDriven.com has six offers for their Weekend Impulse Buys.  Through Monday you can get the M4 Sci-fi pack which will get you three games by Meridian 4 for $9.99.  They are Dark Matter, Shadow Grounds and Space Hack.  Also in the impulse buys are Tropico 3: Gold Edition for $9.99, Disciples III Renaissance for $14.99, The Whispered World for $4.99, and Supreme Ruler 2020 for $7.49.

However, the pick of the litter  in the Impulse Buys is certainly Warhammer 40k Dawn of War Collection for 75% off.  That makes it $12.49.  This collection includes the expansions Winter Assault, Dark Crusade, and  Soulstorm.

Impulse is also selling Battlefield Bad Company 2 for a mere $4.99!  That right there is definitely our BEST DEAL OF THE DAY


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