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Midweek Sales Tuesday February 15th

It's shaping up to be quite a good week in terms of online game sales.  Steampowered.com is holding a Square Enix week, with a different game by Squenix on sale every day.  Today, it's the whole Just Cause franchise; you can get the first Just Cause game for $3.75, or the sequel for $7.50.  This deal is only good for today, Tuesday the 15th.  Steam is also holding a big huge bundle sale on the entire Squenix catalogue; that's dozens of games for $75!

Direct2Drive.com picked the wrong week for their little sale on games by Square Enix.  While it's nice that they're selling every game by Squenix for half off, it just doesn't compare to what Steam is doing.  Still, if there's a particular game by Squenix that you want, and you only want that one game, you can grab it and D2D.

ImpulseDriven.com has a Daily Deal on Konung III Ties Of Destiny, which is on sale for 80% off at $5.00.  Impulse also has a smattering of other deals as well.

GamersGate.com is also haveing a hugetanic sale on 45 games now.  They're calling it Simulator Week, but Gamer's Gate is being loose with that term, so you can find some strategy games, and racers.  It's quite a big list and most of them are at 60% off, so it's worth a look even if you aren't into traditional sim games.

The Indie and Mod Digital Distribution website Desura.com doesn't have the sort of weekly sales that the others do, but we'll start covering their new games and price breaks, because we love to see little guys make it big.  This week, Desura added a new game Amazing Zombie Defense to their roster.  It's a combination of twin stick shooter, and tower defense.  Have a look, It's on three bucks.

Our Best Deal of the Week award has to go to Steam's Sale on Everything by Square Enix.  You have to buy the lot, but it's 88% off on them all.  You can't beat a savings of $534 dollars!


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