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Midweek Sales Tuesday February 1st

After a great weekend of strong sales on great games, we've hit a speed bump and today's crop of online sales is looking rather anemic. But perhaps you can find something worth your digital dollars on the list below.

Let's start off with Gamersgate.com. They're throwing a week-long sale on the AI War franchise, with three games and expansions in that series selling for half off at 2-10 dollars. Gamer's Gate also has about twenty other assorted games on sale, in addition to some pre-order deals.

Direct2Drive.com has a sale on everything by publisher Iceberg Interactive. They have seven games at 75% off and the selection includes several adventure games, along with some strategy and simulation titles. They are marked down to as low as $2.50. As part of Two Dollar Tuesdays, for today only, you can get Luxor or Righteous Kill 2 on D2D for two dollars.

Shrapnel Games is holding a Buy One Get One sale on numerous games in their PROSim series of military strategy titles.  

Steampowered.com is selling the shooter/RPG hybrid Global Agenda for $7.50. That's 75% off, and this game isn't usually seen in our weekly sales roundup.

Finally, ImpulseDriven.com has a rather small list of games on sale at the moment, but they do have a nice Daily Deal on Gun which is half off at ten dollars. This is good only for today. While it isn't a spectacular game or a huge discount, we'll give our Best Deal Of The Day to Gun over at Impulse, because it has cowboys and cowboys are cool!


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