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Midweek Sales Tuesday March 15th

I'm sure that in a day or so, we'll be seeing some alcohol-themed game sales for St. Patrick's Day, but so far this week we're looking at some rather boring sales for online games.  Steampowered.com is selling the aerial combat game Dog Fighter Aces High for 75% off which makes it $2.49.  They are also selling a few other games at discounts now as well; all Oddworld Tiles, including the Oddboxx compilation are half off, several games in the Majesty franchise are marked down by as much as 80%, and the Crazy Machines Everything Pack is 40% at $24.99.

ImpulseDriven.com is promoting the upcoming release of Crysis 2 with a Daily Deal on Crysis Warhead for ten dollars. This should give you just enough time to catch up on the last game before the proper sequel comes out next week.  Direct2Drive.com always has Two-Dollar Tuesdays, and today only you can get Zombie Shooter 2, Star Defender 2, or Aveyond: Rhen's Quest for two dollars each.

And our BEST DEAL OF THE DAY comes from GamersGate.com who are in week 2 of their month-long anniversary sale.   They have an unfathomable 163 games on sale at the moment.  My pick of this litter is Deus Ex: Game Of The Year Edition for four dollars, but you'll certainly find something there which suits your tastes. 


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