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Midweek Sales Tuesday March 29th

After a very good week, we're coming into a dry spell for online game sales.  As of this writing Steampowered.com hasn't even posted their Midweek Madness sale yet.  They are selling a few games at discounts now, including the recently-released Sega Genesis Collection which has dozens of old school Sega games for $9.99.  If that's not to your tastes, you can get the Sega Dreamcast Collection which has four games from that console for $14.99.

As always in Twosdays, you can get several games from Direct2Drive.com for two dollars each.  Today they are Air Strike 2, Jewel Quest Mysteries, or Virtual Villagers, the Hidden Village. D2d is also selling a bunch of recent AAA games for 15% off if you enter the code "MarchMayhem" at checkout.  Notable among them are Dead Space 2, and Crysis 2, both of which received high ratings here at Player Affinity.  This is good all week long.

ImpulseDriven.com has a Daily Deal, good for today only.  It's for Age of Booty at $4.99.

Of course, GamersGate.com is also having another week of their giant anniversary sale, with 174 games on sale.  It's a slightly different list each week, so take a look, and do notice that Stalker Call of Pripyat Loyalty Edition is just $7.48.

Our BEST DEAL OF THE DAY goes to Steam for their sale on the Sega Genesis Collection for $9.99.  Hey Ecco the Dolphin is worth ten bucks on its own.


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