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Midweek Sales Tuesday May 24

Not only are there a bunch of games on sale today, there's one digital distributor that's giving away a free game if you act fast.  All of the major online game stores are having some sort of promotion at the moment, and many of them are one-day-only, so smash your virtual piggy banks and take a look at these deals.

Steam has FOUR things going on today; first is their Daily Deal on R.U.S.E. which you can get for $14.99, while its expansion packs are half off.  Then there's the daily deal on The Settlers 7 at $19.99.  While these are only good for today, Steam is selling something different by Ubisoft every day this week, and you can gat any game by Ubisoft to 33% off if you missed a Daily Deal.

Steam also has two Midweek Madness sales running until Thursday night.  Anything related to Sam & Max is 66% off.  You can buy any of the three seasons for a little over ten dollars each, but you really want the Complete Collection which gets you all of them for $17.00.  Also, Steam will let you have Dungeons for half off.  This is the Steam Special Edition with a few extra goodies, but the DLC pack is not on sale as part of this.

Gog.com is selling Spellforce Platinum for half off at $4.99, which ain't bad.

Of course it's Two-Dollar-Tuesday at Direct2Drive.com, and you'll probably get what you pay for with three casual games at two bucks each:  Mythic Marbles, Cradle of Persia, and Supercow.  

ImpulseDriven.com will only charge you $4.99 for Eco Tycoon - Project Green if that's to your liking.

GamersGate.com is having an Extraterrestrial Week, and you can get anything space-related for up to 70% off.  This includes some cool games like Dead Space and Aliens Versus Predator along with dozens of others.

Then there's that free game I mentioned.  GreenManGaming.com is really giving away a free copy of NecroVisioN: Lost Company if you enter the code GMGY1-PROMO-TREAT.  Not only that, but the game actually gets you a fifty cent trade-in value on that site, so they're basically paying you to take the game.  That right there is our BEST DEAL OF THE DAY.


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