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Midweek Sales Wednesday August 10th

There are some great sales going around the internet right now, with one online store in the second week of their big Summer Sale, and several one-day-only deals on hot indie games.

ImpulseDriven.com is selling Masters of Orion Collection which has Masters of Orion 2 and 3 for $5.99.  You can also join the beta of the upcoming indie Space Pirates and Zombies for 25% off at $14.99.

You can get anything at GreenManGaming.com for 20% off if you enter the code Sunny-Saver-20pec.  Green Man is also selling several fantasy titles for up to 70% off in their "Dungeons & Discounts" sale.  They're also selling Aliens VS Predator for $6.95 right now as well.

Steam is selling the indie game Terraria for half off at $4.99 until tomorrow night, and their Daily Deal today is Beat Hazard at 75% off, for $2.50.  

Direct2Drive.com has a sale for Macintosh gamers; the Brothers In Arms Double Time Pack which contains the first two games in that series for $19.95.  Again, this is Mac only.

GamersGate.com still has your best chance of finding a good deal at the moment.  They're in the second week of a month-long Summer Sale that has close to 400 games on sale, some of them at 90% off.   There are some blockbusters like Dragon Age 2 marked down by half, and plenty of indie games at two dollars or less.  This cornucopia of fun is our BEST DEAL OF THE DAY.


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