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Midweek Sales Wednesday March 2nd

Yesterday we had quite a few good deals on downloadable games, but today hasn't offered many new options.  However there are a couple of places offering Daily Deals which might be interest.  Direct2Drive.com is putting up a new Daily Deal every day this week.  Today, you can get Serious Sam: The First Encounter for half off, which makes it $4.95.  

ImpulseDriven.com is also holding a one-day-only sale.  They have Star Ruler from Mind Blind Studios at 60% off which brings it down to $9.99.  To clarify, this is not a very long ruler used for measuring stars, it's a space combat and strategy game in which you will rule the stars of a vast interstellar empire.

While Steam's official midweek madness sale is Braid for 70% off (As we reported yesterday), they're also quietly discounting a few other games, such various Spellforce games, which includes the Spellforce Universe pack for $12.49.  It contains the Platinum Edition of the first game, and the Gold Edition of Spellforce 2.  Also of note over there is a price break on Amnesia The Dark Decent; one of our favorite games from last year.  You can grab it now for $9.99 and that's our BEST DEAL OF THE DAY.


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