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Might and Magic: Heroes VI Delayed

If you're one of the many people looking forward to Ubisoft's next turn-based strategy game, Might and Magic: Heroes VI, then prepare to be disappointed. Ubisoft has announced that the PC title has been delayed once more, and is now being planned for a release on October 11, 2011.

This unfortunate bit of news comes from Ubisoft's community developer Irina Kassina, who just wrote in the game's forums that Might and Magic: Heroes VI wouldn't be finished in time for the previously scheduled September 8th, 2011 release date. 

Apparently, the community feedback after it's first community beta revealed problems with bugs and game balancing, and as such, Black Hole Games decided to push the release date back in order to implement changes deemed necessary. During this period, a second beta wave has launched, and anyone who pre-ordered Might and Magic: Heroes VI will be able to join other fans in the trial. The second community beta adds more singleplayer and multiplayer maps for players to test to the original beta's map list. 
As disappointing as this may be for Might and Magic fans, a delay is certainly better than a rushed product (as Obsidian has proven in the past), and it's good to know that Ubisoft and Black Hole Games are trying to make the best product possible. We'll post more information on Might and Magic: Heroes VI as it comes. 


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