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Mighty No. 9 Now Slated for June

"Final release date announced after numerous delays"
MIghty no 9 cover Today, Keiji Inafune, founder of Comcept, and iconic video game producer with responsible for gaming canon essential MegaMan, published a short piece [link] on mightyno9.com, informing the rest of us of the final release date of the long awaited kickstarter, Mega Man, Shapeshifting, power stealing, nostalgia fueled platformer. Or in his words “Mighty No. 9 is going gold.” The game has had a rocky development since being introduced in August on 2013 with a Kickstarter. There have several delays and much hand wringing anticipation which Inafune addressed directly in this statement: “Firstly, I would like to say again how sincerely sorry we are for how long we have kept all of our fans waiting. We are finally able to deliver some long awaited news regarding Mighty No. 9. We have now confirmed the following release dates for Mighty No. 9: June 21st (North America & Asia) and June 24th (World Wide). We understand that as a result of the various delays we have disappointed and let down our fans, but we are happy to finally be able to deliver the game to everyone who brought us this far.” Comcept also has plans for portable versions to be made available for PlayStation Vita and Nintendo 3DS, but there are no hard dates for that yet.


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