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Millar and Murphy Launch Chrononauts

The next series to burst forth in the new wave of Mark Millar announcements is the long-awaited Sean Murphy. For almost a year fans and casual observers alike have been looking forward to whatever it might be that could drive too dissonant personalities together and the answer seems to be: Chrononauts!  

Chrononauts Promo Cover

  Debuting in March of 2015, Chrononauts tells the story of two friends who are picked to be the first men to travel through time by the United States Government. Their mission? Plant an American flag in the New World the day before Columbus’ arrival. It’s that kind of easy breezy story and in Millar’s own words: “We've had a great decade of seeing how real we can make impossible concepts, but now is the time just to have a good time.”   Sean Murphy, best known nowadays for horror/thrillers like The Wake and the energetic Punk Rock Jesus, also seems pretty into what Millar has to dish out. “I rarely get to work on a script with comedy, so this entire project has been a real treat.” This is definitely a departure in tone from what we’ve come to expect and it seems like it could be a real treat.  

Chrononauts Ship Promo

  At four issues the real question is if it will be a rounded story. Millar may be on a roll, but the similarly 4-part SuperCrooks came off for many as too short without enough plot beats. Thoughts and comments on this new series would be appreciated below.


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