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Millarworld Announces New Launch Title

Mark Millar is, as has been said time and again, a consummate hype-man. There is nothing that he cannot create a quick pitch for, and the last few of his announcements are probably the biggest of his career. As has been covered almost without end, Millar's comic book company - Millarworld - is on the verge of creating their very own line of interconnected books. Now, while Millar has only so far described which of his past books connect, thematically or plot wise, to this initiative, this latest announcement is what is described as one of the "launch titles". Along with the upcoming MPH, with Duncan Fegredo, Starlight is one of the "four-to-five" books that will compose the new line of Millarworld titles. Millar has log lined the newly minted series as "Flash Gordon meets The Dark Knight" and "Buzz Lightyear meets Unforgiven", all centered around a space-faring adventurer who no one takes quite seriously any more.  


Millar will be joined by the ever enigmatic Goran Parlov (Punisher Max) and the series has a tentative release of  2014. Of course, almost all Millar books have a nice hook when boiled down for announcements, but as always time will have to tell if Millar can deliver the goods. Since Mark Millar is always such a stir pot for controversy, any thoughts and comments should be directed below. As always we will keep you up to date on this series and on Millarworld as the news comes in.


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