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Miller ‘Tec Cover Causes Stir

Frank Miller and Batman has always made headlines, for better or worse. It has long been a running joke that Miller has had some sort of sanity slip - and most spotlight the infamous All-Star Batman and Robin as the clearest sign of this decay. So whenever the two are put together, it is only a matter of time before controversy erupts. The anniversary issue of Detective Comics (#27) is no different at all. The extra-sized issue features a star-studded round of variant covers - with Miller naturally submitting one that he has personally done. The cover in question, as can be seen below, features a scantily clad Catwoman design, kneeling on all fours in front of the reader. It seemed like a perfect storm.   miller-detective-fee5d   There are some who are already defaming Miller on multiple aspects of this. Some mainly focus either the sexual implications of such a cover, while others simply state how Miller's art has deteriorated over the years. There is also the area of commentators who think that it is, at the very least, a return to his stylistic form. The issue in question was already the subject of controversy due to this very cover being revoked weeks before, and only being released due to popular demand. Detective Comics #27 hits shelves on January 8th 2014. Any thoughts or opinions would be appreciated in the comments section below.


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