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Minecraft on PS4 Has Failed Sony Testing, Delay Likely

Minecraft for PS4 has failed testing, according to 4J Studios. The news come via a tweet from 4J Studios.

minecraft ps4
4J Studios  has been working on porting the hugely successful game to PS4. They submitted the game to Sony on August 12th. The studio was behind the first console port of Minecraft, the Xbox 360 Edition and also ported the game to PS3. No official delay has been announced for the PS4 version of Minecraft. Most likely this failure would cause some sort of delay, due to 4J Studios having to resubmit the game for testing and certification.
Minecraft on PS4 is scheduled to release sometime in August. We will have to wait and see if that release window changes.  4J Studios also discussed the current state of the PS Vita and Xbox One versions of the game. On Twitter the developer said they were still bug fixing these versions and would have more news at a later date. 

As of June Minecraft has sold 54 million copies across PC, Console and mobile.


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