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Miner Wars Developer Signs New Investor

Faithful readers of Player Affinity may have noticed a few references to Miner Wars 2081 in our coverage of Digital Download sales.  This game was recently released for sale as a “Pre-Alpha” build that gives players a taste of what’s to come.  Today the developers, Keen Software House announced that they’ve signed a new investor, “Internet Entrepreneur Stanislav Vojtanek” to further the progress of their build.

Miner Wars 2081 is a combination of MMORPG, and space combat.  Players pilot mining ships to harvest resources in a fully destructible asteroid field.  By “Fully Destructible”, they mean that the massive asteroids can be slowly, but completely annihilated by your ship’s weapons.  Players can burrow through asteroids by firing missiles to blast tunnels, or can cut away chunks.  There is also Player VS Player combat, and AI enemies.

In addition to the new financing, the Miner Wars team also reported some technical advancements, including a new cockpit design for the Player’s HUD, along with more combat features, such as player death, and more enemies to fight.  The Pre-Alpha Build can be purchased for 70% off the game's eventual retail price, which makes it $11.40 on Impulse Driven, or the game's official website.  Purchasing this early build will entitle players to all upgrades during the game’s development period, right up to full release.


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