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Mirror’s Edge 2 Spotted on Amazon

If you believe the German arm of Amazon.com, it seems Mirror's Edge 2 is close to being announced. 

A game that was released well before the arcade game boom, where it would've fit perfectly with it's short but addicting gameplay, Mirror's Edge is fondly remembered by many people, myself included. It's been long rumored that the first person free runner sequel was in development, but now those rumors might prove true. Caught on a product listing in the German arm of Amazon.com, the posting suggests that Mirror's Edge 2 is close to becoming a reality. 

EA issued this statement to GameSpot: 

"We appreciate fan enthusiasm for Mirror’s Edge, especially fans throughout the retail channel. This is not official EA material. We have nothing to announce at this time,"

It is typical of EA, and all companies, to not speculate to rumors. However, Battlefield 3 featured the shoes and grunting of Mirror's Edge protagonist Faith and, after Mirror's Edge was released, EA stated that a small team was working on a sequel. Take this all with a grain of salt and if you're a fan, cross your fingers and hope for the best. 


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