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Missing Linx TPB – Review

The story opens with Owen Crockett and his two sons Zack and Luke camping in the woods. It's their father son time whether the all like it or not. Everything is casual and normal until a huge red Manticore invades their camp. Thankfully for the family the "missing linx's" are right behind them. Yeti and Sasquatch make quick work of the Manticore with their team work. After knocking out the beast Skunk Ape uses his new shrink ray to as you can imagine shrink the Manticore and place it in a containment device.

The problem is now what will the Linx's do about the family they've been exposed to? The Linx's have had bad experiences in the past when it comes to trusting humans so they're not about to just let them walk away. The father Owen can't really absorb what's happening and offers for them to eat him if they'll spare his children. Yeti informs the family that they are herbivores and have no fangs in which to pull the meat from their bones. The group banters for a bit until a nuclear plant is attacked by other fictional creatures.

They Linx's explain that they are from a parallel dimension where all of these creatures exist. They begin fighting with the creatures and finally bring them down before the plant melts down. A Dr. Bedfellow begins broadcasting to the world saying that if they do not making him the ruler of the world he will continue to unleash monsters to wreak havoc. The Linx's have to go after the evil Doctor not only to stop him from taking over the world, but to find their way home as well.

Missing Linx CoverThey attack him and find that he has summoned more monsters to fight the Linxs. After another short battle the Linxs are on top again, that is until Bedfellow reveals that he's captured the family they're traveling with. He orders them to back off as he teleports away, but not before Skunk Ape can place a tracking device on him. The Linxs use the family as bait in order to stop Bedfellow once and for all.

This trade paperback is fun as hell! Once it starts there's no taking a break as the story continues to move forward. It's a lot of action and comedy and really came off a lot like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in a way. Granted their very different books, but the character types were very familiar to Turtles and other successful four team books. There's the leader type character, the brains character, the comic relief and the bronzes. It's very simple, but highly effective in creating relatable characters for the readers.

Dale Mettam's (Attack of the Killer Tomatoes) story seems to be based more towards younger readers, which is still a very good thing. I think that it still appeals to older audiences. I found it very familiar and reminiscent of comics/cartoons of older days when characters could punch their way out of problem then clean it up with science. I think that this book would be a great trade to give a younger reader that's looking to get into reading comics while at the same time appealing to older readers as well. Mettam gives it a great sense of campiness that isn't annoying, it's just wholesome fun.

The art is very stylized as looks very cartoony which 100% fits the book. Courtney Huddleston (Decoy, upcoming Last Dinosaur) does a great job of making the book fun to read and look at. Her breakdowns of the story are great and make the flow of reading the book easy. Huddleston's character designs are memorable as she makes all four of the Linx's look as different as possible from one another. Her action scenes are top notch and very enjoyable to read. She doesn't cram the page with as much crap as possible, instead she streamlines it keeping it simpler to look at and read. Her art is good enough that at times you don't even need to read the story to know what's going on.

Overall I really enjoyed this book. It introduced a world that is very clever and thought out that is easy for readers to attach themselves too. At the asking price of 7.95 I will definitely add this book to my collection in April when it's officially released. I strongly feel that this will be a titled that shop owners recommend to parents that are looking for something that falls into the all ages category and I couldn't agree more. If you're interested in the book I recommend pre-ordering it from your local comic store.

Story – 8.0
Plot – 8.0
Art – 8.0
Overall – 8.0


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