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Mists of Pandaria Cinematic

World of Warcraft players have been waiting on the cinematic trailer for Mists of Pandaria for a long time now. There are many new exciting things being announced at Gamescom this year but one of the most prominent things for PC gamers is the release of this trailer. The trailer will do everything you'd expect from a Blizzard quality animation. It's complete with great music, style, chills down your spine, and it will amp you up significantly for the release scheduled for September 25th.

There are a few differences in this cinematic compared to their previous ones most notably the Wrath of the Lich King cinematic in that while there is still a sense of seriousness to the overall message of the animation there is still time taken to craft in a few humorous moments. This trailer really makes it seem like this expansion will be “fun” which is exactly what the game needs since its widely accused stagnation. This trailer alone has me on the edge of my seat ready to jump in as soon as it’s released! Goodbye productivity, hello Pandaria!


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