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Miyamoto Lets Slip Wii Music 2

If there was one Wii title Nintendo had high hopes for that flopped, it was Wii Music. While most of the gaming press agreed that Nintendo’s new “it” game after Wii Fit was rather mediocre, a few felt that the title actually had the potential to be something worthwhile if Nintendo ever gave it another go. Well, according to some beans Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto spilled all over a recent interview with Techland’s Evan Narcisse, Wii Music may just get another go from Nintendo.

Conversation about the game came up after Narcisse asked Miyamoto why Mario hadn’t made an appearance in Wii Music. Miyamoto responded with, “It's a good question. And that's not to say if there's another Wii Music, Mario wouldn't make an appearance.” Here, Miyamoto made sure not to make any firm confirmation that another Wii Music was even being planned, but that quickly changed the next time he opened his mouth: “We're going to change it up, a new interface is coming, and all of that.”

After a slip of the tongue like that, most industry types would have begun backpedaling immediately, but Miyamoto decided to just let the slip go, electing to trade laughs with Narcisse instead. It’s refreshing to witness a member of the game industry keep his cool after such a mistake, but maybe he hadn’t made a mistake at all. This isn’t the first time Miyamoto has hinted at the existence of Wii Music 2. He discussed the possibility of Wii Music 2 with Official Nintendo Magazine almost a year ago. He said, “like Wii Fit Plus, it's not really a sequel to the original Wii Fit - but we have added some features to improve the overall experience.” So much for breaking news, huh? At least the game is now more or less confirmed to the masses.


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