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MLB 12: The Show has a new bag of Tricks

Anyone that follows baseball and its video games knows that MLB: The Show is the cream of the crop, and it's only available on PlayStation. The latest iteration of the game is currently in development at Sony's San Diego studios and features some surprising new tricks. 

MLB 12
For starters, the game is featuring enhanced Move support. While MLB 11 only featured Move support in Home Run Derby, MLB 12 allows players to use Move controls to play the entire game. That's right, now you can pitch, bat, field and base run with the PlayStation Move. While you can switch your batting stance or pitching arm according to the player you are utilizing, the Move will also allow you to play with the arm you're most comfortable using regardless of your player. So if you're right handed, feel free throw right handed even though you're pitching with Clayton Kershaw.

If you think that's cool, we haven't begun to scratch the surface. MLB 12 is also coming to the Vita. Utilizing the PS3 and Vita connectivity, games can now be started on the PS3 and then transferred to the Vita to continue your game, season, etc. The game on Vita is unique in that a lot of the presentation fillers in the PS3 version have been removed to speed up the gameplay and make it more friendly for playing on the go. That means you'll be able to get more innings in during your commute to... well wherever it is that you're going.

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