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MLB 12 The Show Introduces new Pitching and Batting Controls

MLB The Show, arguably the best baseball game, brings two new gameplay wrinkles to MLB 12.  Zone Analog Batting combines the Zone Batting mechanic with Analog Batting to provide, what San Diego Studio's believes, the most realistic batting simulation available.  Zone Analog Batting allows the batter to swing with the right stick and choose their hitting location with the right.  Timing is key in giving yourself ample time to read the pitch and select your hitting zone.  Poor timing and plate coverage will drastically affect the quality of contact on the ball, assuming you didn't whiff, leading to pop flies, ground balls and easy outs for the defense.

On the opposite side of the batter/pitcher duel, Pulse Pitching combines user skill and pitcher attributes to create a unique pitch delivery system.  The aiming reticle, a circle, pulses rapidly as it expands and contracts.  The object is to initiate the pitch when the circle is at its smallest to insure the most accurate location for your pitch.  Your pitcher's attributes will influence the speed in which the aiming reticle pulses as well as the size of the ring.

Sony's San Diego Studio hopes you will enjoy the new pitching and batting systems and the new level of interactivity and realism they bring.  Both systems include five different difficulty levels so you can ratchet up the challenge as your comfort and skill levels grow. 

[Source: PlayStation Blog


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