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Modern Family – Chirp

Coming off what I believe to be the best episode of the series, Halloween, this week’s episode could have slumped after that high, but luckily that wasn't the case. While Chirp is not a classic episode it is funny and great in its own right. Phil is going through some hard times at work and the constant beeping of a smoke alarm might drive him to insanity. The metaphor is obvious and for the first time that I can remember we feel sorry for Phil. The usually happy and attentive character seems off and trouble “being the man” only makes his day worse. The women in the Dunphy house are sick and their conversation is one that neither seems to understand, which is great.

Cam and Mitchell are at odds over the prospect of Lilly appearing in a commercial, but ultimately Cam does it anyway. The funniest part of the episode by far is when Cam picks up the wrong baby after chastising the director for playing on his daughters race as a stereotype, you could see it coming but it was still great none the less. Mitch and Cam are my favorite couple on the show and seeing them progress and grow through conflict, and then share decisions makes them all the more likable and oddly relatable. 

Manny accidentally breaks down a wall with a forklift…that’s funny by itself, but the poor kid's desire to save the guy who allowed it just makes you feel worse for him. Jay had no choice but to fire the guy and the Manny vs. Jay argument leads to a rather tender moment at the end. It’s pretty sweet and when watched with a group expect a lot of “ahhhhhhhh”. Gloria all the while is excited for her and Jays big night, the night Jay cannot remember. Gloria is the weirdest character on the show and all her little quirks are the most examined. They only help her character and it is too the point where we as the audience just except any of the odd things she does.

Chirp is a good episode, while it's a decline from following last week's classic episode, it still does its job of making you laugh and care about the characters. 



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