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Modern Family-Manny Get Your Gun

After a week off Modern Family returns and it is Manny’s birthday. The episode starts with the entire family at dinner and Manny giving a speech. We then flashback to show how our characters got to the restaurant and once again the show does an amazing job of showing three different storylines and then wrapping them all up together.

First on the list we have Jay, Manny, and Gloria running late because Gloria can’t find her keys and Jay’s car is in the shop. The interactions between the adults is great and Gloria constantly telling Jay to stop yelling while screaming at him is one of the best parts of the episode. Gloria seems to always misplace her keys and Jay is just amazed that someone could be that unorganized. Manny is dealing with growing up and while a little bit of Manny can go a long way, he never gets too annoying and instead makes you sympathize with his plight. Gloria with a gun is both hot and frightening, especially when she appears to be an expert shot, scaring both Manny and Jay into doing what she wants. The last scene in the episode is hilarious and makes me more excited to see where Gloria grew up later in the season.


Mitch and Cam are shopping for Manny’s gift and, like his father, Mitch likes to follow a time schedule and Cam frequently stopping is getting on his nerves. The duo helping some elderly adulterers is funny and you just knew that something was going to go wrong. Eventually we see why Mitchell was so mindful of the time and it is awesome. I didn’t know that those things were real and if they are I hope I get to see one. I instantly went to YouTube and looked up flashmob (it’s not what you think) and there are a lot of videos.

The Dunphy’s are at war. Phil and Claire both think they know the fastest way to the restaurant and they decide to split the kids and race. The girls tell Luke that mom and dad are splitting up and Luke thinks it means they are getting a divorce. What follows is the two parents taking the kids to the restaurant and everybody crying. It is weirdly heartwarming yet funny at the same time. Phil steals the show both with his stupid jokes and his contagious tears.

The episode ends on a high-note with everybody making it to dinner at the same time and Manny finishing his speech about getting over his fear of growing up and making fun of everybody in the process. Manny Get Your Gun is a solid episode of the show and did not have any big glaring faults, yet doesn’t stand out as an amazing episode. 



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