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Modern Family – The Kiss

I thought last week's season premiere, The Old Wagon, was great but my only real complaint was that I wished the family would have gotten together. The way all the actors play off each other makes this show one of the greatest. This week’s episode, The Kiss, granted my wish and was just as great of an episode.

Gloria took a backseat last week, but this week her struggle to remain true to her Colombian roots takes center stage and becomes the catalyst for the majority of the narrative. She misses her deceased mother and in her memory decides to cook a traditional Colombian dinner for the entire family. Jay find these traditions amusing, but in typical fashion, he gives in and embraces the alien culture to make her happy. Her anger leads him to wear shoes around his neck, scream and hit some chicken, and other “traditions” Gloria made up to embarrass him. It is all very funny and the documentary part of the show is used to great effect. One has to wonder where the hell this aspect of the show is coming from, but really it’s not that important. The showdown in the living room is one of the scenes that shows how much of an amazing cast this show has. All the members of the family work well together and are all capable of delivering their own comedic lines and when they are together the show just works.

Even the Dunphy children are getting expanded roles and they are becoming more integral to the show. The main storyline deals with Alex’s crush on a boy in her class, in which both her mom and Haley giving her conflicted advice. You can’t help but feel for the poor girl dealing with both the alienation of being a teenager and the terrible advice that her mother and sister are giving. Ultimately the thread ends on a nice note and we are given more information into why Clair is so uptight about boys and its some information we didn’t really see coming.


Cameron and Mitchell are at odds over Mitchell’s inability to show affection in public and it drives a wedge into their relationship. Granted it is a really funny wedge, but the two are not as happy as they usually are. Lily looks as cute as ever and one can’t help but wonder what the show will do as she matures. Their argument feeds into the big scene in the episode and is nicely tied to the rest of the stories. It is important to note that the two share a kiss on TV. This may sound like a no brainier, but the subject of homosexual affection is still a rather touchy one. The show runners let the fans vote whether they wanted to see Cam and Mitchell kiss and the fans voted yes, overwhelmingly. Its nice to see a show taking a chance and challenging a ridiculous taboo.

The relationship, or lack thereof, between Phil and Jay becomes an interesting subplot with Phil jumping at the chance to help Jay and relishing in the fact that he can do something his father-in-law cannot. The majority of the episode Phil is struggling to get the task done and his explanation at the end is hilarious. Ultimately the episode ends with most of the characters learning something and probably the most shocking is Jay’s cold-heart melting with a heartwarming scene at the end.

Another strong episode that not only shows the talent of the cast but the range that the show has.           



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