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Modern Family – The Old Wagon

Modern Family is back and in the premiere episode, The Old Wagon, they quickly abate any fears that the second season would suffer from any diminished quality, which is rather common in Television. The show was the biggest new hit last season and if this week’s episode was any indication we are in for another great season.

          The strongest aspect of the show is the interactions between these seemingly different characters and how they grow and live together. This episode saw many pairings for storyline purposes and all three plot threads are interesting, funny, and ultimately heartwarming. We have not seen these characters for a long summer but they come back just as developed and pronounced as ever.

          The first plot deals with Mitchell, Cameron, and Jay building a miniaturized castle for Lily. Mitchell is excited to build something because he wants to feel like he was a part of crafting something for his daughter. Cameron calls Jay to help because he fears for his life when Mitchell is around tools. The interactions and conversations between Cameron and Jay are great, and my highlight of the episode. Out of all the characters on the show you would think that these two would have the most estranged relationship but they easily understand each other, offer some genuinely good laughs, and both care for Mitchell. The Kitchen conversation is the standout.
Another storyline deals with Gloria and Manny, as Manny has a “study date” with a girl from class that he has a crush on. Gloria is afraid she will become the possessive mom that she says dominate her culture…at first. Eventually she just excepts that she doesn’t like another woman telling Manny what to do. Manny is oddly enough, the most well developed character on the show and together with Gloria the two really shine. The Chocolate Milk debate is another standout in the episode and one that I have found myself quoting all day. In the end Manny is better after the relationship and Gloria learns that she can’t fight who she is.

The bulk of the episode centers around the Dunphy’s quest to sell an old car they had stored in the garage. It has deep sentimental value to Clair and Phil. It was the car they started dating in and the car that they had when the kids were younger. Clair is hit hard after realizing what she is selling and Phil pulls another big idea to help her come to terms with their aging. Phil’s method for remembering names is absolutely ridiculous in highly comedic way and its even funnier that it works for him. Phil has another of the funniest line in the episode when talking about Angela Lansbury being at a parade the couple went to he says, “Good Times She Wrote”, (Angela Lansbury was the star of an old show called Murder she wrote….my grandma used to watch it).   

The Old Wagon picks up right where last season left off in terms of character development and our attachment to them. The end is topped off with the lesson of the episode and while some complain about this part of the show, I never find them too preachy and find them enjoyable. The last scene is rather moving and while it kind of comes out of left field it is nice. I just really want to see Bucketty. I hope someday Luke will show us.



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