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Modern Family – Unplugged

This show is such a delight to watch and every week I get slightly worried that they will slip up, but they never do. This week’s episode, Unplugged, once again splits the three families up and while I usually enjoy them together more, it works in this episode as all three storylines are interesting. Last week I hypothesized that the shows biggest strength is its large, diverse, and equally talented cast, which can also be its weakness sometimes; Unplugged took what I said and made me look like an idiot.  

I have not laughed as hard as I did during Lily’s pre-school in a long time. The whole episode was hilarious. Cam decided to take their diversity to another level and thank god he did. Part of the reason his impersonation was so funny is because it literally came out of nowhere. If I had one hundred guesses I never would have got it right. I don’t want to say exactly, in fear of spoiling it, but trust me you’ll laugh. The Cam, Mitchell, Lilly storyline was fun, with the guys playing up their nontraditional family well, which is something they rarely do. Ultimately they need to find Lily a pre-school and watching them get to that point is great.

Meanwhile Jay, Gloria, and Manny have a big problem with the neighbor’s dog and Gloria is none too happy about it. Seeing Gloria mad has come to be expected in the show and her conviction has always been one of her more pronounced characteristics. We always knew this, and at times it made us wonder what she was capable of. Jay and Manny, thought the same thing, and when the unspeakable became a possibility, they couldn’t necessarily rule it out. The banter between Jay and Gloria, especially when the two are talking about their culture or traditions, leads to some of the more memorable quotes and this week we get a couple. At the end of their storyline we have a possible set up for a future storyline, much like the Hawaii trip in the first season, that would be an interesting plot line. 


At the Dunphy house Claire is fed up with her families reliance on electronics and she blocks all connection to the internet for a week. The only way that Phil can convince the kids, and himself to a certain extent, is to make it into a contest. Watching as one by one they dropout, it becomes apparent that as hard as we might try,  the internet is unavoidable. The winner resorts to trickery, which coming from Haley is pretty impressive, and while the parents may not be willing to follow through with their promise, I think they will have to give in. Luke had some good lines in this episode and his relationship with Phil is still one of the more interesting and humorous ones on the show.  

Unplugged was almost a perfect episode of Modern Family. The only real negative I can say about it is that while it had the comedy locked down, it did not have as big of the emotional punch that previous episodes had. However, that is a minor complaint and if they can keep this pace up they might be able to surpass their stellar first season.   



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