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Modern Warfare 3 Developer Doesn’t Care About Sales Numbers

Robert Bowling, Infinity Ward's Director of Communications and Community Manager for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, was recently asked how much he and his team concern themselves with competitive corporate bickering.  Surprisingly, Bowling says, "Not at all, there's no buy in on that sort of stuff.  We don't care about sales numbers, we don't care about competition, we don't care about beating anyone. Our 100 percent focus is making a game that we're going to love to play, that we're going to be proud of, and that we know that our fans are going to play. To us, we don't care if there are three people playing it or 30 million people playing it. If there are three people having a great time then we've done our job correctly and we will be happy."

In an interview with IGN Australia, Bowling also fielded questions regarding offline multiplayer, the conscription of Sledgehammer Games to help with the massive personnel exodus involving Jason West and Vince Zampella last year, and the game's accessibility.  While it's nice of Bowling to say that Infinity Ward and Slegdehammer Games are only in it to make a great game, they certainly should care if MW3 sells 3 copies.  While it's more likely to sell 3 million copies than 3 copies, that's beside the point.  The Call of Duty name is so popular that if they make a great game, it will sell.  If they make the same game as Black Ops and call it something different it will sell.  If they make Call of Duty: Zombie Apocalypse 8, it will sell.  So while at first Bowling's comment seems to come from someone on a very high horse, the truth is, the fine folks at Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer Games don't need to care about sales, since they're already guaranteed.


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