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Modern Warfare 3 Launches With Promotional Blitzkrieg

If you’re a video gamer of any type or creed, unless you’ve been hiding in a Siberian cave for the last few months, you’ll have noticed that a new Call of Duty game was on the way.  Well, the wait is over. Modern Warfare 3 was released yesterday amidst a wave of hyperbolic press and claims of it being “the most anticipated video game in history” (courtesy of Gamestop executive Bob McKenzie).

As well as the actual game, Activision are proudly touting a “revolutionary” new social gaming network entitled Call of Duty Elite, which is intended to “bring Call of Duty gamers together in a cohesive, fan-focused environment like no other.”  The idea is to provide Call of Duty players with a one-stop place to manage their gaming. They can connect with friends, plan match-ups, look at statistics and more.  The system will also play host to a TV channel, with the programming schedule kicking off with a show entitled “Friday Night Fights” (which will show real-life CoD rivals battling it out in multiplayer) this Friday, on the 11th of November.

Battlefield 3’s online issues have been widely documented elsewhere, so here’s the biting question for any Call of Duty players out there who are currently getting stuck into the game: Is Call of Duty Elite better than Battlelog?


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