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Modern Warfare 3 PC Players Unable to Create Elite Accounts

Some players who purchased Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 are still unable to create Call of Duty: Elite accounts to supplement their playing experience.  While Activision would like players from all platforms to be able to enjoy the benefits of creating an Elite account, PC gamers may be unable to enjoy those benefits indefinitely. Security is the reason currently being cited for why. BeachHead, which is responsible for the Elite service, states that they believe the PC platform is too vulnerable to those who would hack or otherwise exploit the system.

They cite examples like prize giveaways for getting achievements, where one player could hack into another player’s account and either get the prize for themselves, or prevent the rightful player from receiving it.

Despite this setback, an Activision representative has stated that they do intend to provide PC players with the Elite service. However, they are still in the process of determining when that service will be rolled out for the PC, and how they intend to do so. Activision advises that PC Elite hopefuls should stay tuned for further news on the account creation front.



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