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Modern Warfare 3 Update Adds New Mode and More

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, which has reportedly earned $1 billion in sales in the 16 days following its release, recently received an update which added a new mode, Drop Zone, and Community Playlists. In Drop Zone, players must secure an area and accumulate 7,500 points. The team with the most players in the area will receive a package that gives them a point boost, but receiving the package is not guaranteed, as it can be stolen by the opposing team. Drop Zone is the first entry in the Community Playlists section, where unique private match modes created by users are made available for the public. Infinity Ward’s Robert Bowling described the Community Playlists: “Since we have such advanced private match options, we've been noticing a lot of user-created game modes, that in the coming weeks, we're going to be adding to the public playlists in multiplayer…We're going to be adding some in for the holiday, brand new modes that the users created, that we adapted, made more polished, and are putting into the game.”

Hardcore Headquarters has also been added to the Hardcore Team Tactical Playlist. All Hardcore modes now use Ricochet, where friendly fire bullets now fire back at you. The attacking player is now damaged, which will discourage friendly fire.

Bowling also said the title update will also address host disadvantage and lag compensation.


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