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ModernWarfare3.com Redirects to Battlefield Website

ModernWarfare3.com is not what it seems! Activision owns that right? Actually it would appear that EA has acquired the domain in order to have it redirect viewers to the Battlefield website. On July 12th when Modern Warfare 3 fans clicked on the domain, it would redirect them to the page of their "battlefield" enemies. This URL was made in 2009 with no indicated owner. Could this simply be a prank or is it more than that?

Some think that it is a marketing scheme by the makers of Battlefield in order to boost their sales. It’s a very clever move. From getting real-life soldiers' feedback, and movements on making the game, to sneakily redirecting Modern Warfare fans, Battlefield seems to be taking every possible opportunity to boost sales and popularity of the series. Battlefield is popular, but we all know Modern Warfare 3 is better. It seems as if EA is afraid of the upcoming battle for greatest first-person shooter of 2011. If I was going up against one of the best FPS games of all time I would be shaking in my boots, too! Let’s see what other tricks EA may have up their sleeves in an attempt to defeat Modern Warfare. The folks at Activision do not seem to be worried seeing as how they are not attempting to publicize their game in such a way. Well one thing is for sure, this battle will go down in gaming history as the biggest and most anticipated in a long time!


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