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Monster Hunter X Headlines Japanese Nintendo Direct

"Dragon Quest, Fire Emblem and Mario & Sonic 2016 also shown off"
Today Nintendo held a Nintendo Direct in Japan, and surprisingly, it had a decent amount of announcements. The biggest one of those announcements was the unveiling of Monster Hunter X.
For the 3DS, Monster Hunter X (pronounced as Cross, not X), this installment seems to have flashed up the combat with weapons doing over the top animations. It seems the idea came to broaden Monster Hunter’s fanbase while keeping it grounded to its roots, unlike the other games announced today, Monster Hunter Airou DX, or the Pokémon-esque Monster Hunter Stories announced earlier this year. Have to admit that Monster Hunter X is one of the prettiest 3DS games, there’s a lot going on, has some legit water effects and textured much better than Monster Hunter 4.
Dragon Quest VIII’s 3DS remake also had a debut trailer showing off the gameplay and the two new characters.
The new Fire Emblem, called Fire Emblem if, had a trailer as well. This shows off the gameplay of the My Castle feature, which allows people to build their own town that will be shared via StreetPass and support the Fire Emblem amiibo figures.
Other than that, there were a few smaller announcements and updates like a new Dr. Mario for the 3DS eShop, a new Mario & Sonic that takes place at the 2016 Rio Olympics for both Wii U and 3DS, Yoshi’s Wooly World’s July release in Japan, a second teaser trailer for Namco’s free-to-play Project Treasure for Wii U, the first Super Mario Galaxy for Wii U’s eShop, a new Super Robot Taisen, Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer's limited edition New 3DS XL, and lastly a new Chibi Robo for 3DS that has its own amiibo.


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