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Moonstone – Historic Heroes Collide

The Phantom and Captain Action appear once more in a Hardcover collecting the already classic two issue Moonstone comic mini series from early 2010. This fantastic volume, also laden with new features, is courtesy of MoonstoneEntertainment Inc. and Captain Action Enterprises, LLC and will be available 11/24/10!

Lee Falk's adventure comic creation, The Phantom has fought his way through the jungles of the world and the imaginations of fans for almost seventy five years. The toy that was several heroes rolled into one man, Captain Action has returned with guns and action blazing from the nostalgic past. Now, thanks to writer Mike Bullock and artist Reno Maniquis, these legendary leading men of justice share an adventure tailor-made for the two of them together!

https://www.entertainmentfuse.com/images/phantomca hc 2.jpgBullock and Maniquis weave a tale of intrigue, espionage, adventure, and action that carries both heroes to the height of conflict and the depths of danger! Also included in this collection is a never before seen Phantom prose story as well as a Captain Action short story to boot! More action than you can you shake a skull ring at!

"This story," declares Ed Catto of Captain Action Enterprises, LLC, "shines as a great adventure story: full of action, clever plot twists and heroics. But it's a little bit more, too. This graphic novel touches on the concepts of family friendships and how that plays out in both the Walker-Palmer family as well as Captain Action'sfamily."

Speaking of family, The Phantom is not the only hero bringing his supporting cast along in this tale. ""Lady Action sneaks into our narrative," teases Catto, "and while she doesn't 'steal the show', she comes pretty close!"

This wonderfully designed hardcover edition is available with spectacular covers by Mark Sparacio and Art Thibert. It also features an introduction penned by Mike Bullock and an afterword from Catto.

"This beautiful book,” according to Mike Bullock “is perfect for anyone who loves The Phantom, grew up with Captain Action, or just loves classic Brave and the Bold style team-ups." 

Place your order at http://www.moonstonebooks.com/


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