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Moore Leaves Ghost Rider

Fan-favorite artist Trad Moore of Luther Strode fame has graced the pages of Marvel’s All-New Ghost Rider ongoing for several months. But that will soon change as Moore will be leaving the series following its fifth issue. He says that it is a decision based on his desire to focus more on his creator owned work. A desire that probably should be applauded since the Big Two is really there for exposure. All in all  one hopes that Moore’s brief flirtation with Ghost Rider has helped him reach out to a newer, larger, fan base. Trad’s art has been a consistent, and probably the main, draw for the book.  


  That’s where this turns problematic for the series as Moore’s art did give the book a big and still resounding splash when it was first announced. Much like Ellis’ upcoming departure from Moon Knight there are some fans who are already saying that the book will be dropped. Clearly the writing was expendable. Whether the sales are significantly affected will not be known until much later.   Writer Felipe Smith will continue on the series along with artist Damion Scott (Batgirl) while Trad Moore will once again join Justin Jordan for the final Luther Strode miniseries.  Thoughts and comments would be appreciated below.  


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