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More announcements from TGS

The good news keeps on coming from this years Tokyo Game Show in Japan. Here is a quick summary of a few more games that we have learnt a bit more about:


The Last Guardian - Along with a new trailer that includes real-time gameplay footage, Team ICO have also given a rough release window for the highly anticipated The Last Guardian. We should now be able expect the game some time in Holiday 2011.


Shadow of the Colossus and ICO
– A PS3 remake of these two Team ICO classics has been long rumoured and we finally have confirmation, along with a release date. Both games will be updated with HD graphics and will come together on one blue-ray disc. As well as this they will both support 3D and Trophies. They are scheduled for a spring 2011 release.

Dynasty Warriors 7 - Tecmo Koei has announced Dynasty Warriors 7, which will be exclusive to the PS3. Known as Shin Sangokumusou 6 in Japan, so far there is very little in the way of details about this addition to the long running franchise, other than the confirmation of its existence. More information should be revealed soon.

Project Dark - From Software, the developer of the critically acclaimed Demon's Souls have announced a new PS3 exclusive. Project Dark is rumoured to be a "dark fantasy" game with similarities to Demon's Souls. 1UP report that the first-look trailer shows "lots of undead monsters in helmets and booming music.”


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