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More Black Ops Patches Incoming

Call of Duty Black Ops is currently in the process of being patched, due to complaints about about lag and multiplayer matchmaking.

Most of the game's most annoying and potentially gamebreaking glitches were fixed earlier this week, like certain game modes not functioning and unstable maps. Treyarch says that more improvements will be made and more glitches will be fixed in upcoming patches.

Since Black Ops broke the first day sales record of $360 million dollars, there have been substantial complaints about the online component of the game. Users have said that there are many performance issues, the main problem being an overabundance of lag.

Treyarch has said on its forum that it has done the first initial patches and that there are more to come. The most highly prioritized problems most likely being the online multiplayer and the network lag issues. Let's hope that this one does not end up being as highly exploited as Modern Warfare 2


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