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More Blue Space Lesbians in Mass Effect DLC

The team behind Mass Effect 2 has released a series of downloadable missions that let players fight rogue virtual intelligence, pilot new vehicles, and earn the loyalty of new crew members.  Now they’re finally giving us something we want: More blue space lesbians!  Or “Asari” as Bioware calls them.

No game can have too many blue space lesbians, and the first Mass Effect game was nice enough to give you two chances for girl-on-alien sex.  Mass Effect 2 gave you another pair of Asari, unfortunately one was utterly frigid, and the other had a lethal telepathic venereal disease.  Sure, players who are into girl-on-girl fun could romance a human crewmember, but what about those of us with a case of blueberry fever?

In the upcoming mission pack Lair of the Shadow Broker, players can once again team up with Liara T’Soni, one of the Asari romantic options from the first game.  Liara had a brief appearance in Mass Effect 2, including a short quest, but there was no time for sexual shenanigans.  Hopefully that oversight will be corrected in the new mission pack. 

In the new DLC, Shepard and team will explore deeper into the game’s subplot about a mysterious person (or organization) in the Mass Effect universe.  The Shadow Broker appeared in both Mass Effect games; fans might remember dealing with him (She, It, They?) on Citadel in the first game, and on Illium as part of Liara’s storyline in Mass Effect 2.  It’s unclear if Liara will be a playable squad member in the DLC or if she will simply be a quest giver as she was in Mass Effect 2’s main game.

Also shown in promotional shots for the mission pack were several new weapons that will be for sale in a separate download to come before “Lair…” is available. Release date and price are forthcoming; let’s hope that it’s less than the seven dollars that EA asked for the previous two missions and the two bucks they’re charging for the weapon packs.


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