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More Borderlands 2 Details Emerge

An absolute ton of details have come out regarding the recently announced Borderlands 2 in the last few days. One of the biggest things that will seperate Borderlands 2 from the original is that you will take control of one of four all new playable characters in game. While Gearbox aren't completely abandoning the old playable characters (They will be appearing in the game as NPCs) they are already placing a big focus on the new characters, the first of which is Salvador the Gunzerker, who has the confirmed ability to dual wield any two weapons. Check him out below:

The other huge reveal about Borderlands 2 is that Gearbox are completely scrapping the randomly generated item system of the first game and instead put more of a focus on each of the games gun manufacturers selling weapons to players with visual and stat traits that make them more unique. Weapons and armor also look to be upgradable in Borderlands 2 and players will be able to customize their weapons with custom decals and other enchancements. Gearbox are also promising to give players far more vehicles than the original game.

Oh and Claptrap will be back.

Look forward to more news on Borderlands 2 as we get closer to its 2012 release date.


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