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More Demon’s Souls On The Way, Not From Atlus

It's time to brush up on your meditation techniques, sip some relaxing herbal tea, and stock up on protective cases for your controllers. Demon's Souls is back, and no matter how much you want to quit, you will again be compelled to return to From Software's engaging fantasy world for just one more try. For whatever reason, though, the newly announced sequel will not be called Demon's Souls, but rather Dark Souls. Perhaps this is a reference to the original game's brutal "dark" alignment, at which times the game would become even more difficult?

All speculation aside, From Software has announced their intent to make Dark Souls just as difficult as its predecessor. The game will still allow for character customization, but will do away with the class system from the last game. Additionally, the world will no longer be split into many different areas, but will instead be presented as one large, streaming area. This is exciting news for fans of streamlined masochism. Finally, there will still be some way for you to mess with other people's worlds, but these methods have not yet been disclosed.

One other interesting tidbit has come out of this announcement. Atlus, who handled publishing duties last time around, will not be returning for the sequel despite several earlier statements made by the publisher claiming that Demon's Souls was far more successful than they had anticipated. Instead, Namco Bandai will be releasing the game in both North America and Europe.

On October 1st, Atlus merged with a company called Index. This company is primarily dedicated to providing mobile content for cell phones, not major console releases. Could this be a sign of a change in direction for Atlus?


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