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More Details on Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary

This clears up a lot of the questions I’ve had about this game. What 343 have done is essentially made the Reach engine run over the top of the old game. This means that the gameplay is identical to that of the original Halo, so the pistol is finally back after 10 years. I was pretty much sold when I saw the assault rifle packs 60 rounds again, co-op play over Xbox live is also confirmed. There isn’t anything concrete regarding the multiplayer apart from what was mentioned about the gameplay. However, it certainly looks a lot more like Reach than it does the original Halo.


One of the more interesting aspects is being able to swap back and forth between the old and new graphics. Something that might make you go “wait, what?” at first, but seeing it in the video, it actually looks really cool. I know I’ll constantly be swapping to see every little improvement. Also confirmed is Halo Fest at PAX Prime this August where you’ll get some more info on the upcoming Halo 4 and more importantly; be able to play the Halo: Combat Evolved anniversary edition. This has been a great couple of days for Halo fans.


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