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More Dragon Age II Pre-Order Bonuses Revealed

Bioware and Electronic Arts have been tantalizing gamers with vague offers of special bonuses if players pre-order Dragon Age II. First was a new quest and companion if you ordered by January 11.  But, if you missed that cut off date, you can still get some free stuff if you order the game between now and its release date of March 8th.

First up is a new sword and shield combination; the Fadeshear sword, and a shield called the Lion of Orlais.  They both look cool, especially the shield, and each has in-game bonuses for your character.  The Lion of Orlais adds an XP bonus in addition to a health boost, while the Fadeshear sword does extra damage against demons and the undead.

Players who pre-order will also get access to a new location called the Black Emporium which has yet more new items for the game, including a special dog whistle that summons a warhound to fight your enemies.

These bonus items are yours whether you pre-buy now, or if you already did so previously.

Players interested in yet more free in-game items can also check out the upcoming Dragon Age Legends flash game which comes out next month.  Playing this free online game will unlock several items in Dragon Age 2.



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