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More Flashpoint Teasers

If you hate spoilers, stop reading now! FLASHPOINT has finally (officially) begun in Time Masters: Vanishing Point issue 6. While Rip, Booster and the gang have completed one time era; another has opened up! But what is wrong with the space-time continuum this time? And why is Booster Gold a part of the timeline being corrupted? Well whatever this means Booster is going to be in big trouble if he doesn’t fix the time stream!

This just happened in Time Masters: Vanishing Point issue 6. If you don’t want any spoilers, don’t read on. However, if you can’t wait for more Flashpoint goodness – read on! Booster Gold #44 coming soon and Flashpoint #1 also coming soon.

Excited? Time Masters: Vanishing Point issue 6 on sale now!


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