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More games on demand that you shouldn’t buy

While I think "Games on Demand" could be a great service, I'm still not a fan of it as it only releases older games. Granted, it maybe okay if it chose the correct old games and occasionally brought out some newer budget titles as well. This week, Major Nelson announced a few new titles being released this week.

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed- $29.99 (I do not recommend)
Top Spin 3- $19.99 (Never played too much of it but I enjoy tennis and the time I spent with Top Spin 3 was definitely fun)
Too Human- ????

For some reason, Too Human doesn't seem to be appearing with a price. But one can assume it will either be $19.99 or $29.99. If it's 19, it wouldn't be a terrible buy. It's good for people who adore loot but the rest of the game is complete garbage. None of these are "incredible", but Top Spin definitely seems like the one to buy if you absolutely must buy one of these games. 


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