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More Memorial Day Sales

Who's the most patriotic digital distributor?  With Memorial Day weekend upon us, let's take a look at the latest crop of online game deals, and see who's got the best sale to help gamers honor our veterans, and which digital distributors are run terrorist-loving freedom-haters.

Good Old Games (gog.com) is selling four titles by the publisher DotEmu for half price at $2.99 each.  While that's a really cheap price, I'm not sure that the Gobliiins Pack really suits the theme of the weekend.  Still, you can grab Ishar Compilation, Robinson's Requiem Compilation, and Raptor Call of the Shadows 2010 Edition all for the same low price right now.

Showing off a proper dose of patriotism is Direct2Drive, with a weekend deal on Homefront, a game where you defend the land of the free from a horde of virtual Communists.  Grab this game for $33.47 all weekend long.  However, ImpulseDriven.com has a similar sale on Homefront at $33.45.  A whole two cents cheaper!

GamersGate.com has a great sale on a variety of war games.  There are dozens to choose from, but do take note of Battlefield Bad Company 2 for just $7.98.

But still, Steam has the best idea idea with a very Red, White & Blue Daily Deal on Brothers In Arms.  You can get any of the games in that All-American WWII franchise for 75% off.  That's $2.50 for the older games, and $5.00 for the most recent installment in the series.  That, my fellow Americans, is our BEST DEAL OF THE DAY.


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