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More of Saturday’s Cosplay and Boothbabes

Saturday had a ton of people dressed up! Not everything was comics and that made it even better!  We'll start with Supergirl, nah, we'll start with the best Supergirl at the show...possibly EVER!  Sure she was technically working handing out free dvd's to some movie, but she was the best! Enjoy!

Comic Con - Supergirl DVD includedSuper Girl- Getting married--everyone's invited.

Comic Con - Supergirl part 2Steam Punks - Monocle = WIN.
Comic Con - Steam Punks Evil Cheerleaders - Evil--squared.
Comic Con - Evil CheerleadersGreen Lantern - Rage+Will= This guy.
Comic Con - Red Green LanternBorderlands - Dr. Ned and Moxie! Borderlands, RESPECT!!
Comic Con - Dr. Ned and MoxxiAndre The Giant -Totally let Hulk Hogan body slam him!
Comic Con - Andre the GiantThe Venture Brothers - Henchmen and DR. GF
Comic Con - More Venture Bros.The Riddler - Riddle me how snug my suit is!
Comic Con - The Riddler?Lady Death - Better than MAN-Death
Comic Con - Lady DeathNo idea- Scary as hell!
Comic Con - Talking RabbitDalkstalkers- Looks more like HOT than Lilth
Comic Con - Morrigan

Brian Posehn and Colt! Friends forever!
Comic Con - Brain and ColtonSilver Surfer- Jack Kirby's probably rolling in his grave.
Comic Con - Silver SurferStar Wars - General Grievous & friends!
Comic Con - General GrievousGreen Hornet- More like Green Horny!
Comic Con - Hornet Girls


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