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More Rumours for God of War 4

A recent post on Siliconera adds further fuel to the fire that God of War 4 is on the way. This most recent development comes from Timothy Williams having the game listed on his resume, the title is displayed as “upcoming” so we know this isn’t in reference to any of the PSP titles that came out. Timothy has worked on several films, such as Conan The Barbarian and many of Zack Snyder's productions, like 300, SuckerPunch and Watchmen, as well as video games in the past. The score for the God of War series has always been a crucial part of the series. So in light of this being true, this aspect of God of War 4 is in experienced hands.

Couple this with the news that surfaced not long after God of War 3’s release regarding new positions being available on the God of War team and it’s looking pretty likely that we will see another game in that series, beyond the obvious logic of it being a huge franchise for Sony. The story of Kratos is a very detailed one to say the least, and there’s really only one timeframe left to fill in, so it will be interesting to see how this develops whenever we finally see God of War 4. Who knows, maybe it will be on the Playstation 4, or to get even crazier, the Vita! 


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