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More Shiny SoulCalibur V Screens

Swords are cool.  It’s fairly hard to disagree with that statement. They’re more skillful and precise than a gun, and in the paraphrased words of Obi-Wan Kenobi, “elegant weapons for a more civilized age.”  So the SoulCalibur series has always been close to my heart, suffusing the basic fighting game template with a large dose of medieval weaponry as it does.  Some new screenshots of the next game in the series, Soul Calibur V, have appeared on the internet, and they certainly are shiny.  Take a look!

Siegfried’s glowing eyes aside, these screenshots certainly confirm one thing: the game is looking very shiny indeed.  SoulCalibur IV was a pretty good-looking game, but the sequel seems to have taken it up a notch, with the characters in particular looking pretty snazzy.  There are other screenshots that show what looks like a story mode - a pointer on a map of Europe, with some accompanying text that seems to be providing a reason for the character’s next battle.  It’s a feature that I personally enjoy because it gives the battles some context. I like to know why I’m beating up each outlandish, anime-styled character on my way to claiming Soul Edge.  Check out the screenshots and let us know what you think!


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